Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Avail SmartTalk Plus 25

Here is a new call and text promo from Smart Communications:

SmartTalk Plus 25

Price: Php 25.00 for 1 Day only


Unlimited Call and Text to Smart
Unlimited Call and Text to Talk and Text (TNT)

To Avail Simply follow the guide below:

Go to your message box and type in:
UNLI25 and then send it to 6406.

Wait for confirmation.

To call dial: *6406 + 11 digit cellphone number.
Example: *670609196576623

Exclusive to Smart Subscribers Only in NCR and
South Luzon, DTI Permit No. 1869SO11

Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Avail of Smart Unlimited Mobile Surfing

You may avail of Smart Unlimited Mobile Surfing with the following
Smart Buddy's UNLISURF Plans:

P50.00 for 1 Day Unlimited Surfing
P300.00 for 1 Week Unlimited Surfing
P1200.00 for 1 Month Unlimited Surfing

Take Note: This is only for Mobile Surfing.

If you want to register for the service follow below guideline:

Step 1. On your Phone's Browser Visit
and then Select the Package you want to avail.

Or simply go to your message box and type in SURF
and then send it to 211 to get information about the service.

2. After the Plan Selection, the TERMS and CONDITIONS page will appear showing
a PROCEED tab, Click it to confirm your purchase.

3. A Data Plan Confirmation will be displayed after, showing your availed plan details
such as the Validity Period and Start and End of the Subscription.

4. You may now surf the internet using your mobile phone, until the subscription expires.

5. You can also check the status of your plan. Click on the STATUS tab from the Status Page Menu.
6.  If you want more Help or Info about your Subscription Click on the Help Tab.

How to Avail of Smart Unlimited Text/SMS

To avail of the Smart Unlimited Texting
Please follow below Guidelines.

You may use the Unlimited Texting Service for Smart and Talk n Text Subscribers.

Register for 2 Days of Unlimited SMS P30.00
Go to your message box and Type in
30 and Send to 258

Register for 5 Days of Unlimited Text/SMS P60.00
Go to your message box and Type in
60 and Send to 258

Smart Bro USB Modem Prepaid Packages

Good news for Smart Bro Plug-It Prepaid Subscribers.
You may now enjoy a flexible prepaid terms using
your Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-It USB Modem Kit.

You can avail of 15, 25 and 35 hours See Table Below..

For 15 Hours, pay only P250.00 with 12 Days Validity.
For 25 Hours, pay only P350.00 with 18 Days of Validity
For 35 Hours, pay only P450.00 with 25 Days of Validity

How to Setup Your Smart GPRS and MMS by Texting

Here is an easy way to setup your mobile or cellphone to use GPRS and MMS
if you are using Smart Buddy Sim.

To Receive SMART MMS phone settings:
Go to message box and Type in the following
SET MMS and then send it to 211.

To Receive SMART GPRS phone settings:
Go to message box and Type in the following
SET GPRS and then send it 211.

This is easy if you have a Nokia Phone Model

Example: If you have a Nokia N90, that’s “SET MMS N90

To activate your SMART GPRS Setting:
Type in “GPRS ON” and send it to “333″

To activate your SMART MMS Setting:
Type in “MMS ON” and send to “333″

Note :
The configuration settings will then be sent to your mobile phone.
You will be asked to saved the settings in the phone.
Sometimes you need to enter 1234 when asked a PIN to enter. Or your personal PIN if you have changed the default.

Activation of MMS and GPRS will require a confirmation message from SMART. A message will be sent to you  once the feature has been activated.

Smart Unli15 Combo

Here is the New Unlimited Text Combo from Smart Communications.

Smart Unli 15 Combo.

Unlimited Smart-TNT
Plus 5 minutes consumable calls to Smart or Talk and Text.

Text 15C to 258

Smart ALL-IN20

New Promo from Smart Communications.

The All New Smart All-In 20.

Get Unlimited Smart to Smart Text
Get 20 All Networks Text
and 20min of calls to Smart or
20 min of Internet.

20 pesos per day.

To avail of this service/promo
Just Txt 20 to 6415

As per DTI1555